Registrations Open for 2021 !

Please see the Registration page for information on how to Register for 2021, and also how to utilise the NSW Governments Active Kids Voucher ($100 rebate for children under 18)

Presidents Open letter to all Thunder Families

To the younger players who go to school and the shopping centre and see life pretty close to normal and then who keep being told these confusing rules for soccer. Or it’s been raining so the fields are closed for training: We do know that all you want to do is just play soccer, kick that…

NWSF 2020 Season Update (as at 22 May 2020)

NWSF has provided confirmation on the return to training: Football NSW has advised that, provided clubs and participants comply with the revised NSW Govt Public Health Order and by adopting the FNSW Return to Training Guidelines, clubs can resume training activities. Thunder Training schedules (commencing Tuesday 2nd June) can be found here Original post from…

BLU and Gold Week 4

President’s Report: A great weekend for football with a crisp start and yes winter is now here, sildenafil nice sunny days for bothSaturday and Sunday. The canteen is coming along very well look out for some specials for those teams playing at Ruddock Park to encourage you back up to Oakleigh for a sausage sandwich….

Internships are simple to find.

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