Welcome to the Training Information for Season 2020. Please check back in to this page for updated information as the season progresses.

Covid-19-safe Training

From 1 July 2020:

“Level C” Training Restrictions will be in place from Wednesday 1 July, 2020. All coaches must be familiar with the guidelines described in the Return to Football Guidelines – Level C document from Football NSW.

All coaches should now be aware of their responsibilities to host appropriate training sessions and must strictly follow the Covid-19 rules described on the “Return to Training” guidelines page below. You should also review the Checklist to ensure you and your team is compliant with these rules.

Please do not run coaching sessions that disobey these rules.

NWSF has provided us all with some suggested “Covid19-safe training exercises”. There are nearly 90 pages of training ideas you can use to hold an engaging, but safe training session for your teams.

Level C – Training

  • Full squad training is now allowed
  • Full competitive training with no restrictions is allowed
  • Training/friendly matches now allowed
  • All skills/techniques training is allowed
  • Body Contact – through tackling and challenges – is now allowed
  • Sharing of equipment is allowed however continue to maintain cleaning and disinfectant measures
  • If training bibs are used, each individual player is to be allocated a bib and each player is required to take the bib home and wash.
  • Use of change rooms or wet areas should be limited to players and team staff and thorough cleaning is recommended
  • Return to full use of sporting facilities is permitted
  • Once training has concluded, social activity should be limited to essential activities

Level C – Playing

  • Full competitive matches permitted within the normal Laws of the Game
  • Training/friendly matches now allowed
  • Full football activities conducted at all levels (Miniroos, 7v7, 9v9 or 11v11)
  • Team benches organised to ensure 1.5 metres between coaching staff & substitutes
  • Match fixtures and pitch allocations to be arranged to maximise spaces between pitches
  • Social distancing of 1.5 metre between spectators (e.g. parents)
  • Competitions, Leagues and Tournaments permitted
  • Change rooms and/or wet areas limited to players and team staff and thorough cleaning between use recommended

Level C – What must be avoided

  • Team and Opposition handshakes
  • Team huddles and high fives
  • Multiplayer goal celebrations
  • Spitting

Who can Attend Matches?


Training Ground Allocation

The training schedule for both Ruddock Park and Oakleigh Oval is posted here. Coaches, if your team is not listed here, please send an email to and include the following information (preferably provide a couple of options).

  • Your Team’s Age & Division (eg: U6 Red C not “U6 Emus”)
  • Day (Tues, Wed or Thurs)
  • Your preferred Oval (Ruddock Park should be used for U8s – U11s & AA teams; and Oakleigh Oval used by U6s, U7s, and U12s to Super League).
  • Start time and duration.

Please note that Oakleigh Oval is almost at capacity, and remaining teams will probably need to train at Ruddock Park on Wednesdays or Thursdays as Tuesdays at Ruddock are also full.

Baseball Diamond at Oakleigh Oval

Please stay off the baseball diamond AT ALL TIMES. The Baseball Club have invested a lot of time, effort and money into improve their diamond for the summer months and its essential that we as a football club respect that. If you see any kids playing on the diamond, please ask them to move away.


The floodlights at Ruddock and Oakleigh are scheduled to come on 15 minutes prior to the first training session of the day (or 5pm, whichever is later) and then turn off automatically 15 minutes after the last scheduled team to train.

If there are any issues with the floodlights, please contact one of the Floodlight team who may be able to help:

  • Geoff Knowles
  • Darren McKeon
  • Gus Roughly
  • Mick Faber

Note that if the floodlights are turned off, they can take up to 15 minutes before being able to be turned back on again.

Vacancy: Coaching Coordinator Role for 2020

The club has not yet filled this role for the year and it’s a very important role to ensure that all of our coaches are assisted the best possible way. If you’re interested in knowing more about the role, and think you can help out, even in a limited capacity, please reach out to a Committee Member or email for more information.