Tips for Coaches

Starting the Season

Coach Registration

It is an Association requirement that all our Coaches and Managers be registered before you can commence training. If you haven’t yet registered, you must do so immediately. You can register as a Coach via this link.

Working with Children Check

If you don’t yet have your WWCC number, please visit the Office of the Children’s Guardian website for further information. Registration is free and compulsory. If you have got it and haven’t yet sent it through, please send your details to with your WWCC (Working with Children Check) number, expiry date, DOB and full name which was used for registration.

Code of Conduct

Please visit this page for all your Code of Conduct forms that need to be completed. All Players, Parents/Guardians, Coaches, Managers, Officials and Committee Members are required by the club to complete and return electronically

During the Season

Wet Weather

The club will communicate with you about ground closures for training. The club may close Oakleigh Oval and/or Ruddock Park to training, even if the Council has said the grounds are open. This is because we are best placed to make the final decision on how to keep the fields in a playable condition throughout the entire season.

Council Links for Wet Weather Ground Closures

Uncovered Games – Checking if you have a Referee Allocated.

Check the website to see if you have a referee allocated for this weekend.

Click here for a link to this week’s uncovered games. This should be updated weekly. But if it is out of date, go to Appointments -> Uncovered Games -> By Club and then select this weekend’s date.

If you do not have a referee allocated to your game, see the Guidelines for Unofficial Club Referees section in the Referee’s Hub on this website for tips on how to manage the game as an unofficial referee.

Ground Locations

Click here for a quick link to all ground locations within NWSF.

Training Ideas

Explore the “Coaches Corner” to discover additional formal training options available for Thunder Coaches, along with specialised training tailored for Goal Keepers and other training opportunities.

FFA 18-Week Training Program

A few years ago, the FFA released weekly training programs which are guides on how to run effective, age-relevant training sessions. Whilst these are no longer being distributed by the FFA we kept copies of them. Using these can take the “what am I going to do for training” dilemma away which is often the most difficult aspect of coaching. Feel free to download and print these as required.