Fiji Tour

Since 2015, our clubs Under 16 Age players have toured Fiji. In 2017, we again returned with under 16s to Fiji to play soccer games in Fiji at local schools  and share life experiences with local Fijian teenagers.    

In 2019, we are definitely returning again with our Under 16 team. This time to play 3 school games, share classroom studies, and restore mangrove plantations. The trip has been hugely beneficial to the local Fijian communities and in the personal development of our young teenagers. The team will appreciate what they have at home and how people less fortunate in life gain joy from simple blessings and share their enthusiasm and happiness.

Our 2019 team which were under 15 for 2018, were minor premiership winners and grand final winners in the Gladesville Hornsby  Football Association in 2018, and will represent our community well in many ways when they travel to Fiji in the October 2019 school holidays for 7 days.              

We are seeking new players to join our club in 2019 as we were challenged in 2018 with only 13 players during the season and we will need more under 16s to complete the squad.        

So register with Thornleigh Thunder in 2019.  

For details contact Age Co-Ordinator Craig Millard on 0425 336 560


Fiji Tour 2017


2018 U15 Team – Grand Final Winners