Under 6-18’s Grading Day will be Sunday  the 21st of Feb.

Please keep up to date with any last minute changes or Wet Weather Scenarios at https://www.facebook.com/ThornleighThunderFC

Grading Details

Under 6’s to 8’s

Under 6’s to 8’s is ungraded football and Placement in teams will be done at Thornleigh West Public School Kindergarten COLA.

Under 6 start 8.00am
Under 7 start 8.45 am
Under 8 start 9:30 am

Under 9’s to U18’s

Grading Will be at  at Ruddock Park,

For U9-U14s to please be their 15 minutes prior to grading and all players  must wear a white T-Shirt for the grading.

Please wear shinpads and Boots for grading.

Under 9’s start at 10.15am
Under 10’s at 11 am
Under 11’s at 11.45am
Under 12’s at 12.30pm
Under 13’s and 14’s at 1.30pm
Under 15’s and 16’s at 2.30pm
Under 17’s and 18’s at 3.30pm

Click here for Updated as of 9th Feb 2015 Grading Policy